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Press Release
May 12, 2019  at 12:7:13
Submitted by David Smith Jr.
For Further Information Contact Brody Roa 714-932-7994 mailto:[email protected]
For Immediate Release
(Cypress, CA, May 2, 2019) Brody Roa, the current point leader in both the USAC/CRA and USAC Southwest Sprint Car Series,’ rallied from the back of the pack to finish fifth last Saturday night at the Ventura Raceway and expand his point lead in USAC/CRA.  This Saturday, Roa and his team will be headed to the Bakersfield Speedway for the only time in 2019.
PAS 4-13-19=91r =5417-3.jpg
Photo courtesy of Doug Allen.
Roa, 28, qualified the brilliant green #91R 10th fastest in the 23-car field at the track located just feet away from the breaking waves of the Pacific Ocean.  That qualifying time saw him start inside the second row in his 10-lap heat race.  The veteran driver challenged for the top spot over the first lap of the heat and snatched the lead on lap two.  From that point on, he simply ran away from the field to win by ¾ of a straightaway.
While Roa benefited from the qualifying time in the heat, he certainly did not benefit from it in the main event.  In a tough field on the tight 1/5 of a mile dirt oval, he had to start on the outside of the fifth row for the 30-lap race.  At the drop of the green, the Garden Grove driver began steaming towards the front of the pack.  By the end of the first lap he had passed two cars and was up to eighth.  One lap later he had tracked down and passed another competitor and was seventh.
Things were looking good, but disaster nearly struck on lap three.   A multi-car tangle in turn one blocked the track.  Being close to the front, Roa arrived at the scene of the chaos in a hurry.  However, he was able to get his car stopped without contacting anyone else.  With nowhere to go and a blocked track, officials deemed that he was not part of the crash.  Thus, for the restart, he was third. 
Once the race resumed, Roa manned the third spot just behind the leaders, but only two laps into the restart, calamity ensued again when the two first-place cars tangled.  Roa did his best to avoid the fray, but there was not enough time or space and he slid into the tangling cars and came to a stop.  He would have to go to the back of the field.
The Zac Bozanich led crew took a quick gander at the car when it was pushed to the pit area and deemed it good to go.  Starting at the back at a tight track like Ventura can be a precarious situation at best, but Roa had other ideas.  In the remaining laps in the main event, he pleased the crowd with a determined, skillful charge towards the front and he turned what could have been a disastrous night into a success.  When the checkered flag ended the race, amazingly he had raced back to fifth.  In addition to that impressive finish in the main, he added to his point lead.  He came into the night with a 12-point advantage and left the track 16-points ahead of the second-place driver.
Roa’s season continues this Saturday night when the USAC/CRA Series makes its only appearance of 2019 at “The West’s Fastest 1/3 Mile High Banked Clay Oval,” the Bakersfield Speedway.  Two years ago, when the series last appeared on the Kern County Oval, Roa came home second in the main event.  He hopes to better that finish by one spot on Saturday. 
Fans who would like to attend Saturday’s race in Bakersfield can find the track at 5001 N. Chester Ext. in Bakersfield (93380).  Spectator gates will open at 5:00 P.M. and the first race will take the green flag at 7:00. For more information, visit the track website is call the office at (661) 393-3373.
Colorful Brody Roa t-shirts are available now at the track or via mail.  If you cannot make it to a track and would like to order one, please use the following link  You can see the design below.
Hoodie Design.jpg
Car owners, if you are looking for someone to shoe your car during the 2019 season, look at Roa’s schedule below.  He is available to race on any night not already on his racing calendar.  Contact him at the phone number and E-mail address in this release.
Fans wishing to stay completely up to date with Brody Roa and the BR Performance squad can do so on the team’s website and Facebook page at the following link:
The BR Performance team would also like to thank the sponsors that make the regular season possible. HD Industries, Burris Racing, “Biker” Bruce Fisher, Molecule, K-1 Race Gear, Norma Leonard, Lee Leonard, NGK Spark Plugs, Baldwin Filters, Driven Racing Oil, Wilwood Brakes, and Coffman Racing Graphics.  If you or your company would like to join BR Performance’s team for a championship run in 2019, please call 714-932-7994. 
2019 Schedule
1/15/19       Tulsa Expo Raceway                           Chili Bowl                        13th A
1/19/19       Tulsa Expo Raceway                           Chili Bowl                        12th C
2/27/19       Las Vegas Motor Speedway                 USAC West Coast            1st A
2/28/19       Las Vegas Motor Speedway                 USAC West Coast            4TH A
3/2/19         Central Arizona Speedway (AZ)           USAC Southwest             3rd A
3/8/19        Canyon Speedway (AZ)                        USAC/CRA & Southwest   2nd A
3/9/19        Canyon Speedway (AZ)                       UASC/CRA & Southwest   3rd A
3/30/19       Perris Auto Speedway (CA)                 USAC/CRA (with WoO)     1st A  
4/13/19       Perris Auto Speedway (CA)                 USAC/CRA                      3rd A
4/20/19       Arizona Speedway (AZ)                       USAC Southwest             6th A
4/27/19       Canyon Speedway (AZ)                      USAC Southwest             1st A
5/4/19        Ventura Raceway (CA)                        USAC/CRA                      5th A
5/11/19       Bakersfield Speedway (CA)                 USAC/CRA
5/18/19       Central Arizona Speedway (AZ)           USAC Southwest
5/25/19       Perris Auto Speedway (CA)                 USAC/CRA
6/1/19        Arizona Speedway (AZ)                      USAC Southwest
6/8/19        Canyon Speedway (AZ)                       USAC Southwest
6/29/19       Perris Auto Speedway (CA)                 USAC/CRA  
7/5/19        Knoxville Raceway (IA)                       USAC National ***
7/6/19        Knoxville Raceway (IA)                       USAC National ***
7/6/19        Santa Maria Raceway (CA)                  USAC/CRA ***
7/13/19       Perris Auto Speedway (CA)                 USAC/CRA & Southwest
7/18/19       I-69 Speedway (IN)                            USAC National
7/19/19       Plymouth Speedway (IN)                    USAC National
7/20/19       Kokomo Speedway (IN)                       USAC National
7/21/19       Lawrenceburg Speedway (IN)              USAC National
7/24/19       Terre Haute Action Track (IN)              USAC National
7/25/19       Lincoln Park Speedway (IN)                USAC National
7/26/19       Bloomington Speedway (IN)                USAC National
7/27/19       Tri-State Speedway (IN)                     USAC National
8/17/19       Perris Auto Speedway (CA)                 USAC/CRA & Southwest  
8/31/19       Calistoga Speedway (CA)                    USAC/CRA
9/1/19        Calistoga Speedway (CA)                    USAC/CRA
9/2/19        Petaluma Speedway (CA)                    USAC/CRA
9/5/29        Merced Speedway (CA)                       USAC/CRA
9/6/19        Ocean Speedway (CA)                        USAC/CRA
9/7/19        Santa Maria Speedway (CA)                USAC/CRA
9/14/19       Canyon Speedway (AZ)                       USAC Southwest
9/21/19       Perris Auto Speedway (CA)                 USAC/CRA
9/28/19       Arizona Speedway (AZ)                       USAC/CRA & Southwest
10/26/19     Central Arizona Speedway (AZ)           USAC Southwest
11/7/19       Perris Auto Speedway (CA)                 USAC/CRA/Southwest/National
11/8/19       Perris Auto Speedway (CA)                 USAC/CRA/Southwest/National
11/9/19       Perris Auto Speedway (CA)                 USAC/CRA/Southwest/National
11/15/19     Arizona Speedway (AZ)                       USAC/CRA/Southwest/National
11/16/19     Arizona Speedway (AZ)                       USAC/CRA/Southwest/National
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