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Press Release
November 21, 2018  at 11:52:15
Submitted by David Smith Jr.
2nd Annual Redneck Stress Relief @ I-37 Speedway 11/17/18

1) Sport Modified winner Cody Leonard

2) Street Stock winner Wade Jones

3) Pure Stock winner Allen Torres

4) Sport Compact winner Brandon McCall



2nd Annual Redneck Stress Relief @ I-37 Speedway 11/17/18

By JM Hallas


Pleasanton, TX.,(Nov. 17Th, 2018) I-37 Speedway closed the books on its 2018 season with its 2nd Annual Redneck Stress Relief show. The race featured a variety of motorsports with a Demo Derby, trailer race, four of the regular classes competing for some extra money and a Monster Truck giving rides to the kids.


The Sport Modifieds ran for $1000 to win, plus a pellet cooker, while the Pure Stock winner took home $600, plus a cooker, Street Stocks got $500 to win and Sport Compacts $300.


The Demo Derby drew 15-cars from as far away as New Mexico and Arkansas. The cars were split into two divisions, a derby for the compacts and novice cars, with little re-enforcement. The other for the derby regulars that travel the series. The winner of the compact race had enough left to join the regulars and it was fun watching the big, slower, rear wheel drive cars chase the more nimble front wheel drive compact around. The regulars finally ganged up and put the compact out despite putting up a good fight.


Corpus Cody Cashes in Sport Mod

Young gun Cody Leonard capped off his south Texas season adding Sport Modified win #5 for year. Leonard who's driven about every class but Sport Compact this season made it 12 wins for the year. The Sport Mods had a redraw for the top six after the heats and a young fan drew Leonard the number 1 spot. After the races Leonard gave the little girl(Mary Jo) the big check as a souvenir.


Leonard was first to turn 1, but Robby Minten fought back off turn 2. Leonard led back at the line with R. Minten, Talon Minten, Johnny Torres and Ryan Doyon in the top five. T. Minten made a quick charge getting by brother, Robby, for second and along side Leonard for the lead.


T. Minten took the point on lap 3 as R. Minten got by Leonard for second and on his brother for the top spot. Leonard would also give up a spot to 2018 track champ, Torres. The Mintens then ran wheel to wheel for the lead until caution waved for spin on lap 7 by Dude Farris.


On the restart, Chris Sievert tried to jump the start making contact with Jim Mikulencak and collecting Joe Aramendia, Tom Grothues, Frank Okruhlik and Mike Morris. On the restart R. Minten tried high in turns1-2 then low in turns 3-4 for the lead. Leonard, who changed his line, got back by Torres for third then R. Minten for second.


At the crossed flags it was T. Minten, Leonard, R. Minten and Torres in the top five. Leonard got inside T. Minten and by for the lead on lap 11. From there Leonard eased away in his CD Electric, KR Compressors, Coastal Diesel, Swenson Racing Shocks, Flanagans Muffler Shop, Ace Transmission, Rachel Plant Picture Taker, Wells Racing Engines, 09 Express Chassis for the win while the Minten brother fought for bragging right at Thanksgiving dinner.


“It was a good ending to the year here,” exclaimed Leonard. “I think we ended up with 12 overall wins. We weren't really going for a championship so we knew missing a race wouldn't bother us any. We chose the Aaron Hudgeons race and that worked out well for us. We enjoyed it.”


“I figured in the ruts would be the quickest way around. I thought the high side might be the dominant line since it was smoother. My car wouldn't turn. I felt a lot better on the bottom. So I stuck it out through the ruts and made my way back forward.”


“Both Mintens and Johnny(Torres) were fast. I thought they might find something better. I thought they had it at the beginning. Under that caution I found something. They were quick for sure. I thought they had it in the bag.”


“I have to thank my mom and dad, girlfriend, Dan Schroat, Charlie York, Daniel, Cassie, Madison. Especially Mary Jo, she was my lucky drawer and drew the number one spot. Oh, and my sister Caitlin. I better add her or I'll get in trouble. I didn't know about the internet chatter over Caitlin driving my car. She can hop in it anytime it doesn't effect me.”


“We'll see what in happens in 2019. If they keep the IMCA Modifieds we'll run both cars. I'll have to check with Danny(Schroat) on the Limited Late Model and we're going to run Chris(Swenson) Late Model some in the STLMS and visit some big shows.”


Sport Modifieds

12 Cody Leonard, 24r Robby Minten, 2 Talon Minten, 66 Johnny Torres, 31 Chase Havely, 11t Tom Grothues, 84f Dude Farris, 55 Mike Morris, 5r Ryan Doyon, 9 Jim Mikulencak, L87 Joe Aramendia, 08 Frank Okruhlik, 512 Chris Sievert---BF(rough driving)


Sport Modified heats

Heat 1; 24r Robby Minten, 66 Johnny Torres, 2 Talon Minten, 31 Chase Havely, 55 Mike Morris, 84f Dude Farris, 11t Tom Grothues


Heat 2; 5r Ryan Doyon, 12 Cody Leonard, 08 Frank Okruhlik, 9 Jim Mikulencak, L87 Joe Aramendia, 512 Chris Sievert


Jones Squashes Street Stock Field

After taking the 2018 track championship, Wade Jones(Jourdanton) didn't let up in the year-end finale. Jones and Aaron Leddy battled early swapping the lead until lap 5 when he took command. Behind them, former champ Mike Lyon, Heath Stewart and Daniel Gaudette battled for second. By halfway Jones had a full straight on Leddy, who had Lyon closing.


Jones kept his foot down increasing his margin over Lyon, who got by Leddy leaving him door to door with Stewart for third. Stewart would get the spot, but Leddy made a last lap pass to retake the spot. Up front it was Jones in the Opiela Mechanical, SABFI Transportation, Mission Auto Parts, Vato Chassis taking checkers by a half track.


“We got lucky enough to start on the front row again,” replied Jones. We ran door to door with Aaron Leddy for a few laps and had fun doing it. I could feel the car not working very good up top and let Aaron go to try the bottom and the car rolled a lot better on the bottom of the track. We’re out here to win races and championships on top of that. I want to thank my grandparents, SABFITransportation, Opiela Mechanical, Mission Racing.”


Street Stocks

41 Wade Jones, 20 Mike Lyon, 36 Aaron Leddy, 02 Heath Stewart, 3 Daniel Gaudette, 2x Bud Henley, 41k Kurtis Opiela, 17e Jerry Evans, 69j Jeff Rabedeau, 14 Lynn Fox, 4t Mike Trigg


Street Stock heats

Heat 1; 36 Aaron Leddy, 20 Mike Lyon, 3 Daniel Gaudette, 14 Lynn Fox, 2x Bud Henley, 69j Jeff Rabedeau


Heat 2; 41 Wade Jones, 02 Heart Stewart, 41x Curtis Opiela, 17e Jerry Evans, 4t Mike Trigg---dns


Torres Tames Pure Stocks

Allen Torres(San Antonio) missed out on a track championship, but multiple wins over season showed him to be a front runner all year. Al. Torres capped off his year with another win coming from fifth starting spot after the redraw and getting by race-long leader Ryan Doyon with two to go and inch away to secure the victory.


The first try at the start saw three separate incidents, the worst of which was Scott Jerkins getting into the front stretch wall, ending his night. On the nest try Doyon and Mike Horelka stayed side by side through turns 1-2 before Doyon got the spot trailed by Horelka, Caitlin Leonard, Daniel Preston and Al. Torres.


Things got interesting on lap 2 with Horelka, Leonard and Preston three wide for second with Preston finally getting the spot. Al. Torres was moving forward taking fourth from Horelka, then third from Leonard. Aaron Leddy was also coming along by Leonard for fourth.


As Al. Torres snagged second from Preston, Leonard, Adam Torres and Michael Keylich were three wide for fifth. Ad. Torres got the position leaving Leonard and Kelyich three wide with Horelka for sixth. At halfway it was Doyon, Al. Torres, Preston, Leddy and Ad. Torres in the top five.


Al. Torres was able to close the gap on Doyon as they ran through traffic with five to go. Al. Torres gave Doyon a look low on lap 16. Al. Torres kept the heat on until he made the pass for the lead with two to go. Al. Torres cruised the final two laps for the win in his Allens 24/7 Towing, All in Designs, Scott Ball Racing, GM crate powered, Swenson Chassis.


“Wherever I started I knew it would be a challenge for me,” commented Torres. “Thankful for everyone out there racing clean. We ran without any cautions. Thank God for lapped traffic. I was catching him but if it wasn't for lapped traffic I couldn't have. It's been an awesome year and I can't thank my car owner enough. Without him I wouldn't be racing. It all goes to him. My 2019 is under wraps right now, but...”


Pure Stocks

94 Allen Torres, 3 Ryan Doyon, 6 Daniel Preston, 66 Adam Torres, 93 Aaron Leddy, 49k Michael Keylich, 91 Johnny Westfall, 15b JW Blocker, 19m Mike Horelka, 9c Caitlin Leonard, 57b Les Bettis, 33 Charles Earnhardt jr., 25t Travis Slavik, 7x Janel Duncan, 9s Jarrett Payton, m13 Jeremy Watson, 68 Kenny Wright, 98r Derick Remmers, 44k Kathrine Keylich, 10 Scott Jerkins


Pure Stock heats

Heat 1; 6 Daniel Preston, 9c Caitlin Leonard, 93 Aaron Leddy, 91 Johnny Westfall, 15b JW Blocker, 9s Jarrett Payton, 7x Janel Duncan


Heat 2; 19m Mike Horelka, 10 Scott Jerkins, 33 Charles Earnhardt jr., 68 Kenny Wright, 98r Derick Remmers, 44k Kathrine Keylich, m13 Jeremy Watson


Heat 3; 94 Allen Torres, 3 Ryan Doyon, 66 Adam Torres, 57b Les Bettis, 49k Michael Keylich, 25t Travis Slavik


McCall Flexes Muscles Sport Compacts for the Money

The 15-lap Sport Compact was almost a caution free event with only a red flag slowing the action. Brandon McCall(Von Army) captured his first win for the season breaking the VW dominance. On green McCall jumped out front with 2018 track champ Jamie Garner, Kasey Krauss, Trevor Bettis and Ronnie Schoenfeldt in pursuit.


As Krauss, Garner and Bettis battled for second-fourth McCall got a slight lead. At halfway of was McCall, Krauss, Bettis, Garner and Kirk Ball, with Krauss catching on McCall in traffic. Red waved on lap 13 when Cody Earnhardt III clipped an infield tire and rolled over in turn 2. He was alright after being checked out.


This left a green, white, checkered shootout for the win. On the restart McCall got away while Krauss and Bettis ran door to door for second and Schoenfeldt was along side Garner for fourth. McCall in the Bettis Boat & RV Storage, Fred Harris Sand & Clay, Rachal Plant “Picture Taker,” Wilburn Steel, Hyundai Tiberon hit his marks the final laps to take the victory.


“I just had to keep it on the bottom and stay with it,” said McCall. “I was committed and made everyone try to go around on the high side. There wasn't anything up there for those guys. It was just one lane for us tonight.”


“You worry about being a sitting duck out there starting from the front. I was looking over my shoulder and keeping my ears open waiting for somebody. It's one of those deals, once you've committed, you're there. I always wonder if any one is coming.”


“I'd always like to move up a class. But the way things are going this is what I've got right now. We'll have fun with it unless they change the rules on us. I have to thank my wife, Angel, and my best friend William Saunders.”


Sport Compact

14 Brandon McCall, 23 Kasey Krauss, 57 Trevor Bettis, 16 Ronnie Schoenfeldt, 33 Jamie Garner, 11b Colton Borlace, 5 Scott Lesher, 6p Levi Hernandez, 4 Ronnie Sparks, 74 Arthur Olson, 38 Kirk Ball, 44 Charles Earnhardt III, 29t George Compton---dns


Sport Compact heats

Heat 1; 14 Brandon McCall, 23 Kasey Krauss, 16 Ronnie Schoenfeldt, 38 Kirk Ball, 6p Levi Hernandez, 74 Arthur Olson, 44 Charles Earnhardt III


Heat 2; 33 Jamie Garner, 57 Trevor Bettis, 5 Scott Lesher, 29t George Compton, 4 Ronnie Spareks, 11b Colton Borlace---dntg


It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt. Fortunately nothing more than some bumps and bruises as the trailer race got called early. Les Bettis, in a hearse no less, grabbed the early lead while defending champ Jacob Crow lost his trailer. Track promoter Michael Keylich got by Bettis for the lead on lap 4 but ended up rolling over in turn 3. Both he and his passenger were checked out and officials opted to call the race early. Since Keylich led the last completed lap he was awarded the win. Probably used the money to buy some ice bags and/or heating pads.


Trailer race

116 Michael Keylich, 66et Alex Johnson, 911 Les Bettis, 8p Phillip Crow, 8 Jacob Crow—lost trailer, DK Cody Earnhardt---lost trailer


Demo Derbys

Demo 1(Compact/non re-enforced car)

1 Cody Williamson, 408 Garrett Vaughn, 10-10 Corkey Ducharue


Demo 2(Full Body cars)

30 Derek Kohrt, 88 Caleb Dean, 13 Gabe Brewer


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