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Press Release
October 4, 2017  at 2:54:23
Submitted by David Smith Jr.
Bayston Doubles Down, Takes Meents Memorial Win

Bayston Doubles Down, Takes Meents Memorial Win
Belleville, IL - Building on a solid victory from the previous night, Spencer Bayston capitalized on Logan Seavey's misfortune to claim his second POWRi Lucas Oil National Midget League victory of the weekend.  Bayston's Belle-Clair win was his ninth career, capturing the 13th Annual Charlene Meents Memorial presented by Priority Aviation Services LLC, co-sanctioned by the POWRi Lucas Oil West Midget League. 
Starting inside row two, Bayston faded early as Tucker Klaasmeyer took the lead with Logan Seavey in tow.  By lap seven Seavey overtook Klaasmeyer and appeared to be the dominant force of the 30 lap main event.  Midway through the race, tenth place starter Tanner Thorson was working inside the top three when contact from behind spun the Keith Kunz/Curb-Agajanian Motorsports entry, forcing Thorson to restart at the tail. 
Now back up to third, Bayston battled with rookie Zeb Wise for the second positon, officially securing second on lap 24.  Still riding the treacherous Belle-Clair curb, Seavey caught the lip and then the wall exiting turn four on lap 25, taking a wild ride and finding himself going from the lead to the business end of a wrecker. 
Inheriting the lead from Seavey's misfortune, Spencer Bayston was able to fend off Tucker Klaasmeyer and Andrew Felker for the remaining five laps.  Zeb Wise finished fourth with Nick Knepper rounding out the top five. 
"It was obviously a good weekend," commented Spencer Bayston.  "This is a place that I really, really enjoyed when I first started running midgets.  The bullring style.  This is a cool event.  Thank you POWRi, thank you Keith Kunz Motorsports, TRD, Toyota Racing.  It's an honor to win one for this team."
"I finally found my rhythm on the top and then when I did, Spencer came and pinched me in the wall pretty good," Tucker Klaasmeyer said.  "Kind of wished I would have returned the favor on that one a little quicker, but anyways congrats to those guys.  That's two nights in a row they won like that.  We'll try again in a couple of weeks."   
"It's been a while," stated Andrew Felker.  "We were probably a sixth or seventh place car there, but got lucky when Tanner spun there.  Kind of came in there at the end and followed Tucker.  We'll definitely take third place.  Hopefully we'll keep building on these and pick up a few more spots." 
Speedway Motors Heat Race Winners:
Heat 1 (Brayton Lynch Racing/Smith Titanium): 39 - ZEB WISE
Heat 2 (In Memory of Bryan Clauson - Frank Daigh/Saldana Racing Products): 27 - TUCKER KLAASMEYER
Heat 3 (Kevin Triplett's Racing History/Keizer Wheels): 37 - ANDREW FELKER,
Heat 4 (BOSS Chassis /Rod End Supply): 55 - NICK KNEPPER,
Heat 5 (Rockwell Security / Pyrotect Racing): 00 - GRADY CHANDLER,
Toyota Semi Feature Winner: 7 - AUSTIN BROWN, 5RJ - COLBY COPELAND
Mesilla Valley Transportation Feature Winner: 97 - SPENCER BAYSTON
POWRi Lucas Oil National/West Midget League Feature Results (30 laps): 1. 97 - SPENCER BAYSTON  2. 27 - TUCKER KLAASMEYER  3. 37 - ANDREW FELKER  4. 39 - ZEB WISE  5. 55 - NICK KNEPPER  6. 3N - JAKE NEUMAN  7. 7U - JOE B MILLER  8. 77U - CASEY SHUMAN  9. 6A - AIDAN ROOSEVANS  10. 00 - GRADY CHANDLER  11. 67K - HOLLY SHELTON  12. 50 - DANIEL ADLER  13. 67 - TANNER THORSON  14. 57D - DANIEL ROBINSON  15. 5RJ - COLBY COPELAND  16. 71K - TANNER CARRICK  17. 71 - RYAN ROBINSON  18. 08 - CANNON MCINTOSH  19. 28 - KORY SCHUDY  20. 5 - DANNY FRYE  21. 4A - LOGAN SEAVEY  22. 22 - ANDY MALPOCKER  23. 37X - JASON MCDOUGAL  24. 7 - AUSTIN BROWN
Lap 1      Rockwell Security
Lap 2      In Memory of Scrapper Funsch
Lap 3      In Memory of Charlene Meents - Roger Branson Jr.
Lap 4      4 Left Turns
Lap 5      Daum Motorsports
Lap 6      In Memory of Dave Camfield, Sr - Crowder Brothers Racing
Lap 7      Shannon McQueen Racing
Lap 8      Austin Shores Racing
Lap 9      Brian Thompson Roofing
Lap 10   Brian Thompson Roofing
Lap 11   In Memory of Bob Johnston
Lap 12   Rich Standridge and Stella Fernandez
Lap 13   Spike Chassis
Lap 14   In Memory of Rich Camfield - Crowder Brothers Racing
Lap 15   Siner Transport
Lap 16   Herb and Sharon Flesher
Lap 17   In Memory of BC - Bill Willis
Lap 18   Jerry and Kelly Myers
Lap 19   In Memory of Frenchy Hindman
Lap 20   Siner Transport
Lap 21   In Memory of Michael Temares
Lap 22   Jim Viviano
Lap 23   The Engine Heater
Lap 24   Faith Flatout Ministries
Lap 25   BOSS Chassis
Lap 26   BOSS Chassis
Lap 27   Siner Transport
Lap 28   Roger and Marsha Branson
Lap 29   In Memory of Chuck Lynch, Sr
Lap 30   In Memory of Morty
High Passing Points: Daum Crop Insurance
Hard Luck Award: In Memory of Charlene Meents - Frank Daigh
A-main Hard Charger: Shannon McQueen Racing/The Engine Heater/AED Motorsports
Highest Finishing BOSS Chassis: BOSS Chassis
B-Main - will be divided amongst 32 - last: Cappy Mason
1st Car to miss A-main from heat race: MAJ1K Motorsports
1st Car out of the A-main: AED Motorsports
B-main Hard Charger: AED Motorsports
1st Car to miss A-main from B-main 1: AED Motorsports
1st Car to miss A-main from B-main 2: Smith Titanium
Keep It Clean Move of the Race: Molecule Sports
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