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Press Release
February 29, 2008  at 11:18:13
Submitted by David Smith Jr.
Pro Cuts Texas World Dirt Track Championship @ Texas Motor Speedway Dirt Track, 2/28/08-3/1/08

 Pro Cuts Texas World Dirt Track Championship @ Texas Motor Speedway Dirt Track, 2/28/08-3/1/08
By J M Hallas
Ft. Worth, Tx.(Feb. 28th, 2008) Day one of the Pro Cuts Texas World Dit Track Championships saw changes in the program with the LImited Modifieds replacing the SUPR Late Model series. A smaller car count than the past years still saw over 150 teams(107 modifieds/48 Limited Modifieds) sign in for their shot at the prestigeous Texas Motor Speedway trophy. It was more quality than quantity in the Modified class as top drivers from nine states(Tx., Ok., NM., Ark., Iowa, La., Mo., Kan., and Colo.) made for a star-studded field.
The first night of qualifying would be set through passing points in the heats, taking the top 16 to the A-main, then C and B-mains to fill the remainder of the field. The nights top four finishers would then be locked in for the big Saturday Championship finale
Dunn Get's 'er Done in Modified A-qualifier
After garnering the most passing points in heat race action, Clyde Dunn jr. started on the pole of the 15-lap A-qualifier. Dunn got out front early, then held off hard charging Randy Timms in the final laps to get the win.
As the 24-car field tok the green, Dunn got a big jump on the field with Chad Wheeler getting by Paul White for second. At the back of the pack, Trent Crawford, Chase Allen and Curtis Allen tangled to bring out yellow on lap 1. On the restart, Troy Taylor got by Davd Smith jr. for fifth, but Smith fought back to retake the spot until he spun while trying to get by Grag Skaggs for fourth.
Once under green again Timms was making his charge, from his eighteenth starting spot, to challenge Morgan Bagley for seventh. On lap 3, White got past Wheeler for second, while Timms sailed past Taylor and Skaggs for fourth. Skags didn't give up easily as he and Timms swapped the spot fo several laps until halfway when Timms secured the position.
At the crossed flags it was Dunn, White, Wheeler, Timms and Skaggs in the top five. Timms then picked off Wheeler for third on lap 9 and ran down White on lap 11. Two laps later, Timms got by the former USAC Silver Crown champion, White with two to go. Up front, Dunn was on cruise control not knowing Timms was on the move. Timms cut into Dunn's margin, but never mounted a serious challenge as Dunn in the Hoosier Southwest, Smiley Racing Products, AFCO Shocks, Skins Raps, 2 Extream Tattoo, Wells Racing Engines, Skyrocket Chassis grabbed the victory.
Modified A-main, top 4 locked in for Saturdays Championship
1. 88x Clyde Dunn jr., Sunnyvale
2. 5t Randy Timms, Oklahoma City, OK.
3. 2W Paul White, Temple
4. 88 Chad Wheeler, Muskoge, OK.
5. 27 Greg Skaggs, Bixby, OK.
6. 17x Morgan Bagley, Longview
7. 98 John Allen, Chanute, Kan
8. 56 Troy Taylor, Ft Worth
9. 127 Glen Hibbard, Mans
10. 18 Justin Boney, Leavenworth, Kan.
11. 21 Chris Brown, Baytown
12. 10x Dee Gossett, Amarillo
13. 5 Keith Green, Waco
14. 15A Larry Campbell, Van Buren, Ark.
15. 89C Tate Cole, Muskogee, OK.
16. 2x Lyle Sheppard, Manhatten, Kan.
17. 703 David Smith Jr., Copperas Cove
18. 15 Curtis Allen, Yukon, OK
19. 57 Blaine Shives, Denison
20. 39 Rick McCommas, Balch Springs
21. T98 Brandon Maggard, Clever, Mo.
22. 117 Jason Teague, Tahlequah
23. 44 Trent Crawford, Midland
24. 301 Chase Allen, Midlothian
Modified heat races, 12 laps, top 16 in passing points to A-main,(top 3 finishers)
1. 17x Morgan Bagley, 27 Nicholas Littlejohn, 56 Troy Taylor
2. 98 John Allen, 15A Larry Campbell, 715 J P Dowell
3. 10x Dee Gossett, 57 Blaine Shives, 89c Tate Cole
4. 127 Glen Hibbard, 5T Randy Timms, 117, Jason Teague
5. 88 Chad Wheeler, 4R Derek Ramirez, 44 Trent Crawford
6. 2x Lyle Sheppard, 15 Curtis Allen, 3 Danny Womack
7. 88x Clyde Dunn jr, 5 Keith Green, 50 Tyler Propps
8. 703 David Smith jr., 144 Jason Troutman, 55D Nick Deal
9. 27 Greg Skaggs, 2R Ryan Wiliams, 39 Rick McCommas
10. 2W Paul White, 9 Pat McGuire, 135 Richard Griffin
Modified B-mains, 15 laps, top 4 transfer to tail of A-main
1. 15A Larry Campbell, 89C Tate Cole, 301 Chase Allen, 21 Chris Brown
2. 5T Randy Timms, 5 Keith Green, T98 Brandon Maggard, 18 Justin Boney
Modified C-mains, 15 laps, top 4 transfer to tail of B-mains
C-main #1, 21 Chris Brown, 301 Chase Allen, 5r Bobby Malchus, 118 Tim Clonch
C-main #2. 110 George White, 02R Kyle Robertson, 561 David Horner, 33R Mike Roach
Baytown's Brown Best in Limited Modified A-Qualifier
One of the Houston areas hotshoes, Chris Brown gave car owner Jim Thorne the present of a win at the famed Texas Motor Speedway Dirt Track in the Limited A-qualifer. Brown capitalized on a second start, jumped into the lead and never looked back as he led flag to flag for the victory.
On the intial start of the 24-car, 15-lap event, Bo Day got out front, but a mid-pack stack up caused a multi-car spin setting up a complete restart. On the second try, B. Day, Brown and Paul White dove into turn 1 three wide for the lead, with Brown coming out of turn 2 with the top spot. Another multi-car tangle on lap 1 along with debris on the track slowed the action once again.
When green waved again, two time IMCA Sourtern SportMod champion, Keith White challenged B. Day for third, while brother Paul tried to hold on to second and Kevin Green and Tommy Gantley ran side by side for sixth. K. White was still pressuring B. Day, now for second, when yellow waved for Gantley who rolled to a stop on the track.
On the restart, K. White got the jump on B. Day and grabbed the spot. The top four had begun to pull away as the race came to halfway with Brown, K. White, B. Day, P. White and Chris Cogburn running in the top five. Jimmy Day
recovered from one of the early mishaps to work his way back up to sixth by lap 10. As the white flag was shown Brown held a six car advantage over K. White, who had a big gap back to B. Day and P. White. At the checkers it was Brown easily coming across the line first.
Limited Modified A-main, top 4 locked in for Saturday Championship
1. 65 Chris Brown, Baytown
2.1 Keith White, Academy
3. 4 Bo Bay, Greenville
4. 25 Paul White, Temple
5. 5c Chris Cogburn, Robinson
6. 23m Jimmy Day, Greenville
7. 45T Eric Thomlinson, Waco
8. 20 Brock Hall, Amarillo
9. 46 Jason Bolden, Quinlan
10. 5D Kevin Green, Waco
11. 1x Brent York, Bullard
12. 35 David Hood, Jacksonville
13. 56 Jmmy Criswell III, Cedar Hill
14. 122 Tyler Young, Midland
15. 72p Jason Howell, Azle
16. 95 Dan Meyer, Whitehouse
17. 201 Tommy Gantley,
18. 22N Nick Shenberger, Sharon, OK.
19. 83 Mike Shenberger, Sharon, OK.
20. 18 Tim Clonch, Quinlan
21. 94 Triston Dycus, Dallas
22. 71 Cody Smith, Kaufman
23. 58 Sid Kiphen, Gatesville
24. 3 Logan Macy, Hennessey, OK.
Limited Modified heats races, 12 laps, top 16 in passing points to A-main(top 3 finishers)
1. 23m Jimmy Day, 20 Brock Hall, 35 David Hood
2. 65 Chris Brown, 201 Tommy Gantley, 122 Tyler Young
3. 25 Paul White, 1 Keith White, 94 Triston Dycus
4. 5D Kevin Green, 22N Nick Shenberger, 83 Mike Shenberger
5. 4 Bo Day, 5C Chris Cogburn, 46 Jason Bolden
Limited Modified B-mains, 15 laps, top 4 transfer to tail of A-main
B-main #1, 118 Tim Clonch, 72p Jason Howell, 56 Jimmy Criswell III, 95 Dan Meyer
B-main #2. 71 Cody Smith, 58 Sid Kiphen, 1x Brent York, 3 Logan Macy
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