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Press Release
January 5, 2021  at 7:41:19
Submitted by David Smith Jr.
Relive Every Minute of the 2021 Lucas Oil Tulsa Shootout
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2021 Lucas Oil Tulsa Shootout
1,200+ cars, 99 heat races, 7 Golden Drillers and tons of content to hold you over until we return to the Tulsa Expo Center on Monday, January 11.
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7 Golden Drillers, 7 Reactions
Seven drillers were handed out at the 2021 Lucas Oil Tulsa Shootout, hear reactions from each winner!
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Thrills & Spills:
Saturday At The Lucas Oil Tulsa Shootout
The definitive highlight of all the thrills, spills, and seven drillers handed out during Saturday's Lucas Oil Tulsa Shootout finale.
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Saturday | Lucas Oil Tulsa Shootout
It was an action-packed championship Saturday to say the least!

Relive it all
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Six Champions Crowned In Unforgettable
Lucas Oil Tulsa Shootout
After 296 races over four days, the 36th annual Lucas Oil Tulsa Shootout finally concluded on Saturday night with a memorable set of seven main events.

Walkapedia gives us the stats on how this year's race stacks up in Shootout History.
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On-Boards At The Lucas Oil Tulsa Shootout
Watch all the incredible on-board footage from the Lucas Oil Tulsa Shootout in one place - we got 15 of them!
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Up Next: 2021 Lucas Oil Chili Bowl
We're only 8 days away from the start of the Lucas Oil Chili Bowl, but who's counting?

We've already started to gather some incredible content around the story lines, stats, favorites, dark horses and more returning - and debuting - at the Tulsa Expo Center.
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Founder Emmett Hahn Reflects On Growth of Lucas Oil Chili Bowl And Tulsa Shootout
36 years ago, Emmett Hahn and Lanny Edwards began promoting the Lucas Oil Tulsa Shootout and a year later created the Lucas Oil Chili Bowl. Emmett reflects on the growth of the two events, their history and more.
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