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Press Release
October 10, 2020  at 10:37:44
Submitted by David Smith Jr.
Jacksonville, IL. (10/09/2020) Thomas Meseraull out of San Jose, CA. took his No. 7X SR-11 to POWRi Lucas Oil National Midget League victory lane for the first time this season at Jacksonville Speedway in Jacksonville, IL. Taking the green flag from the pole position and never looking back, TMEZ lead all 30 laps to conquer the 21-car field and take himself to victory lane.
Meseraull and Karter Sarff sat side by side on the front row to bring the field to green. Chase McDermand and Jake Neuman made up the second row, all four cars entered turn 1&2 side by side at the drop of the green. Meseraull took the topside while all the drivers tried the bottom. Eventually the field followed and elected to run the top. Meseraull, with only 8 laps in found himself behind heavy lapped traffic. The red flag came out on lap 10 for the 20G of Noah Gass who got upside down in 3&4.
Meseraull still leading, Karter Sarff followed behind in second, McDermand in third, Mitchell Davis in fourth, and Ace McCarthy in the fifth-place position. Going back green, Meseraull took the top side again and McCarthy made a strong move and put himself in the third position as the yellow came out for Austin Wood on lap 12 as he spun in turn two.
With 18 laps remaining, McCarthy sat in the third position and threw a massive slide job and take over the second position from Sarff. Zach Daum sat behind in fourth and Tucker Klaasmeyer made his way into the fifth position from ninth. Mitchell Davis had a hiccup in turn 3&4, gathered himself back up and catches the cushion on the entrance of turn one and found himself upside down and brought out the red flag.
On the restart with a little under halfway to go, teammates Clinton Boyles, and Chase McDermand running fifth and sixth get together and cause a yellow. Klaasmeyer electing to go to the bottom, made his way up to third place and set his sights on McCarthy and Meseraull. Klaasmeyer reeled in McCarthy stole second place on lap 22. With only 3 laps remaining, Dalton Camfield got upside down and the red flag got waved.
Thomas Meseraull lead the field to a green-white-checkered finish. Meseraull walked away as Klaasmeyer and McCarthy battled it out for the runner up position. Thomas Meseraull made his way around to the checkered flag and captured the win for the Herb Barlow Memorial at Jacksonville Speedway in Jacksonville, IL. Tucker Klaasmeyer finished second, Ace McCarthy in third, fourth went to Trey Gropp and rounding out your top five, Karter Sarff.
"The last time we were here, I felt like we had a car to, and I got caught up in some racing deals. I'm just excited to park it here up on the front stretch. Hats off to everybody who comes out and supports us for the last race of the year. We love you guys, hope to see you next year." Thomas Meseraull
"That was a blast. I wish I would have been a little better at the end, but I just couldn't slow myself down enough to stay good on the bottom." Commented second place finisher, Tucker Klaasmeyer
"I honestly really didn't even have anything for TMEZ, he was ripping the top. My only hope was to get him on a restart. Third place finisher, Ace McCarthy.
Auto Meter Heat 1 Winner: 40- Chase McDermand
KSE Racing Products Heat 2 Winner: 7X-Thomas Meseraull
Advanced Racing Suspensions Heat 3 Winner: 55K- Karter Sarff
Super Clean High Point: 7X- Thomas Meseraull
TRD Hard Charger: 93- Devin Camfield
Lucas Oil Feature Winner: 7X-Thomas Meseraull
POWRi Lucas Oil National & West Midget League Feature Results (30 laps):
1. 7-Thomas Meseraull 2. 49-Tucker Klaasmeyer   3. 28-Ace McCarthy 4. 21-Trey Gropp 5. 55-Karter Sarff 6. 40-Chase McDermand 7. 21KS-Zach Daum 8. 3N-Jake Neuman   9. 3W-Brandon Waelti 10. 27X- Austin Wood 11. 93-Devin Camfield 12. 10-Amber Balcaen 13. 6- Rayce Rudy 14. 10C-Dalton Camfield   15. 16C- David Camfield   16. 97A- Mitchell Davis   17. 98-Clinton Boyles   18. 00-Korey Weyant   19. 5T-Ryan Timms   20. 21G-Corbin Gurley 21. 20G-Noah Gass
Photo Credits: Kevin Horcher
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Engler Machine & Tool - "The Official Injection" of POWRi Racing
Hoosier Tire - "The Official Race Tire" of POWRi Racing 
Lucas Oil Products - "The Official Oil" of POWRi Racing
MAVTV - "The Official Television Network" of POWRi Racing
Mesilla Valley Transportation - " The Official Carrier" of POWRi Racing
MPI - "The Official Steering Wheel of POWRi Racing"
Racing Electronics - "The Official Communication Systems" of POWRi Racing
Rod End Supply - "The Official Rod End" of POWRi Racing
Speed Sport News - "The Official Race Coverage" of POWRi Racing
Super Clean - "The Official Degreaser" of POWRi Racing
Toyota Racing Development - 'The Official Pace Vehicle of POWRi Racing"
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