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April 19, 2010  at 7:26:36
Submitted by David Smith Jr.
Tidbits Update for April 19, 2010

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This tidbits update is brought too you by new advertiser Pro Motor Sports out of Wichita, Kansas. Owned by modified racer Nic Baalman, Pro Motor Sports offers the best parts from the most reliable brands in the racing world today. Want to shop around and check out the market, click on the Pro Motor Sports ad and see what they offer. When you do inquire to them, please make sure you tell them you saw their ad here on tidbits.

Email from long-time racer Andy "Flash" Gordan informs that he is no longer retired (again) and will be back in racing action this coming Saturday night at Enid Speedway Park. Andy has retired and unretired more than Brett Favre with the only difference is the media isn't letting us know when Andy went to the bathroom or giving us updates on him every five mintues.

Don't know if one can get caught up on rest in just one weekend but it was rather nice having a rained out weekend as it gave me a chance to get caught up on some rest. I go to bed every night at 11:15 PM and wake up every morning at 3:15 AM for my M-F job and it was rather nice flipping channels to baseball games, laying on the bed with the fan on and dozing in and out of consciousness all weekend. Thourght about going to RPM Speedway in Texas but rain in the area scared me. Turned out over thirty modifieds were on hand. Also considered going to Minneapolis Speedway in Kansas for their IMCA weekly opener but chose not to do that. Turns out four heats of IMCA modifieds and three heats of IMCA northern sport mods were in the pit area and race recap sounds as if it was a great night of racing. All is good though as, begining this weekend, it is full throttle racing each and every weekend. More details to follow here shortly.

I have met alot of classy people in this sport over the years and one of them that ranks right up there is Troy and Brenden Gemmill out of Ponca City. Troy emails to state all is good as they are awaiting Brendens school season to come to an end so they can once again hit the highways and byways chasing IMCA modifieds. They plan on hitting the Kansas based IMCA/BST modified series when it kicks off and the new Dakota IMCA modified series up north. Here is hoping this writer catches the racing Gemmills somewhere between here and there sometime during the 2010 race season. If you haven't met Troy and Brenden, make it a point to stop by their trailer one night after the races, if your on the road that is.

  There has been a change of dates on the 2010 race schedules for the O'Reilly/NCRA modified south division and southern modifieds. The modified south show scheduled for Saturday night, May 15th, has been moved to Saturday night, May 22nd, at Cowtown Speedway in Kennedale, Texas. Reason being is a mixup in schedule will see USMTS at the quarter mile speed plant on the 15th. In return, the May 22nd scheduled NCRA southern modified show scheduled for Brill Motor Speedway in Meeker has been moved to May 15th.  The modified south show at Cowtown Speedway will see NCRA passing points used just as a normal scheduled event. More details to come.

Good to see Sherman Davis of Sand Springs pick up his first career O'Reilly/NCRA sprint car victory last Saturday night (April 10) at 81 Speedway in Park City, Kansas. Leading wire to wire to pick up the $2000 victory, Davis started on the pole for the 25 lap feature and was never seriously challenged. Shermans best career NCRA finish was a sixth place on August 2nd of last year at 81 Speedway. 

Jeremy Campbell of Minnesota is the new driver of the famed Danny King owned #E85 Ethanol Sponsored sprinter based out of Jetmore, Kansas. Jeremy will go after the NCRA sprint car title and will also compete in all sprint car weekly events at 81 Speedway.

Click here for more!! Bond, Tony Bond of Mudslinger Video went to Heart O' Texas Speedway in Waco, Texas this past Friday night to cover the ASCS Lone Star regional which was won by OKC and Knoxville, Iowa's own Wayne Johnson. Tony should have the video all edited and ready to ship sometime this week. Tony got caught just trying to mind his own business and filmed the WoO sprint debacle at Tri-State Speedway in Pocoloa, Oklahoma one week ago Saturday that saw more rubber pop than in a college dorm. World Racing Group, owners of the WoO, contacted Tony and after editing, sent a copy of his work to the series for further review. Took a couple of days before results were finalized with Jason Meyers picking up his fourth feature victory of the season. You to can purchase the WoO sprint show from Tri-State, which many say was a great show to watch up until around lap twenty-five or so. Just click on the Mudslinger Video ad to take you to his website. Tony will be at Creek County Speedway this coming Saturday night to film the ASCS Sooner region opener.

Click Here for Website   Micheal with Thriller Photo and Video, who has taken over most of the banner and business ad graphics work here on tidbits, will be taking care of personal business on Friday night before heading south on I-44 to Lawton Speedway and the tracks 2010 weekly season opener. 

This is going to be the first of many HUGE weekends of racing here in the state of Oklahoma. Stay tuned as we go through the list of weekly and special events for this weekend.

Click Here for WebsiteGet out and support the newly ravamped Thunderbird Speedway on the Muskogee fairgrounds half mile this coming Friday night for weekly racing action. Allen Chickering made the trip and finished second in the modified feature finish. Don't forget all you southern sport mods that the tracks runs your rules each and every Friday night.

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Just a sample of things to come two weeks later will take place this coming Friday night as Outlaw Motor Speedway in Oktaha (south of Muskogee) will host the Missouri based MARS late models. Terry Phillips, Jeremy Payne, Bill Frye, Wendall Wallace, Jack Sullivan and over thirty more late models will converge on the three-eighths mile speed plant. Tidbits will be on hand for this event as a prelude to the second annual "Showdown in the Heartland" featuring the MARS and NCRA late model series. More on this big four day weekend of racing on our next tidbits update next week. Race time this Friday night begins at 7:30 PM.

As mentioned earlier, the ASCS Sooner region will open their 2010 race season this coming Saturday night at Creek County Speedway in Sapulpa. Joe Wood, Jr. will look to defend his 2009 division championship. Gates open at 3:00 PM with hot laps starting at 4:30 PM. First heat of the night is scheduled to start at 6:15 PM. 

The Lucas Oil ASCS presented by K&N Filters national tour will have their two day event at "The Ditch," Riverside Speedway in West Memphis, Arkansas. 

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Don't forget this Saturday night is race number to on the 2010 race season schedule for the O'Reilly/NCRA southern modified division with an appearance at Brill Motor Speedway in Meeker. The feature finale pays $500 to win with $100 just to start the twenty car feature finale. Todd Decker of Edmond won the season opener a little over one month ago at Elk Citys I-40 Speedway and is tied for the point lead with Dustin Buntin. Gates open at 4:30 PM with racing set to start at 7:00 PM. I understand Randy Timms will be there in his new Western Flyer sport mod built by Curtis Allen. I am expecting thirty cars for this event.

Don't Forget!!!

The NCRA southern modified show at Meeker will be the first of two consecutive Saturdays that I will be at the track as I will not only cover this race for NCRA but the NCRA/MARS Showdown in the Heartland one week later. Once again, more information on this next week.

I don't want to waste space but if none of the above tickles your fancy, please check out the tracks ads above as the rest of the tracks that I haven't mentioned are running this Saturday night. Tri-State Speedway in Pocola, Oklahoma Sports Park in Ada, Lake Country Speedway in Ardmore, Enid Speedway Park in Enid, Wild West Speedway in Clinton, Elk Citys I-40 Speedway in Elk City, Lawton Speedway in Lawton, I-44 Speedway in South OKC and Route 66 Motor Speedway in Amarillo will all see weekly action. Lawton, as mentioned above, will open their 2010 race season as will Route 66 Motor Speedway.

Speaking of next weeks update, one of the most anticipating events for this year will take place next Friday night as the USMTS southern series make their first ever appearance at Wild West Speedway in Clinton before heading to Route 66 Speedway next Saturday night. Make your plans now to attend this huge modified event. More details on next update next week.

In closing, everybody else does it and has done it today so why don't tidbits jump on the wagon himself and tell where he was. As we all know, it is the 15th anniversary of the OKC bombing, something that changed most of us in some sort of way. I don't do facebook nor anything like that but here is where I was on this April 19th of fifteen years ago today.

I was working at Neighbors Coffee then and we were busily at work when all of the sudden the building shook. Remember, Neighbors Coffee sits not even a half mile to the northeast of the then Murrah Building. Most of us in the warehouse ran up to the roof as we thought the coffee roaster exploded and caught fire. Once we got on the roof, we noticed the last part of the north side of the building fall. As we stood there in amazement and shock, the sound and eariness I will never forget carried on for what seemed like forever with sirens after sirens echoing through the city. The smoke, smell and sound to this day startles me as again it is something I won't forget.

When I got off work I headed to my parents and my parents had on the police scanner and the news, of course. At the time my dad was a crane operator for Bolt Construction and later that night, something would change his life forever. He got called in the middle of the night to run one of the cranes that took rescue workers up to the floors to find survivors and bodys. What changed a man of steel and hard heart forever happened at this moment when the rescue workers handed him body bags to bring to those down below. Dad, who never showed emotion (except when he was angry) has done nothing but be emotional on even the smallest things since.

My wife was then a crisis counciler and a month or so later was one of the few that had been hired as part of Project Heartland, crisis councilers who dealt with the trauma and experiances of those survivors, rescue workers and loved ones as part of the bombing. She has never gone into detail but the stress and tramatic things she was told finally took a toll on her and a couple of her co-workers where, months after the bombing health problems began to take their toll on her and others. This gave her the experience to go to tramtic events around the city to debrief everybody from the MWC firefighters when a couple lost their life on I-40 to those who went through the May 3rd tornado. This first proved to me what an Angel in my wife I have and I cherish each and every moment that God gave me her as I truely feel she is also an Angel to others she has met and helped.

We all have a story from that senseless day and while I wonder why people can't get closer and move on around this time each year, as my wife says there is no such thing as a closer for many.

I say it now just as I have said it when I talk about it. Life is short, take time to tell the ones you love you love them and make no enemies and watch what you say as they could be taken from you in a moments notice and you will live with that regret forever.

All for this tidbits update, until next weeks tidbits, God Bless you.
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