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December 5, 2010  at 12:25:59
Submitted by David Smith Jr.
Tidbits Update for December 4, 2010
Official Wing of Tidbits!

This tidbits update is brought too you by, well not a new advertiser like I had been told, but a old advertiser with a new name. Outlaw Wings, formally known as Airflow Race Products, has a new name, new logo but same quality wings for sprint cars and mini sprints. Developed and built by David Jones, Outlaw Wings are still found out on the WoO, ASCS, NCRA and OCRS trails as well as weekly competition throughout the state of Oklahoma. The official wing of the NCRA sprint car series in 2010, keep Outlaw Wings in mind for your next purchase.

The site still has three advertiser spots open so if you are interested, please email me at [email protected] for details.

They all but killed the Belleville Midget Nationals and now, the city council in Dodge City, Kansas has reportedly agreed to terms with USAC for them to promote the facility in Dodge City for approximately six special events for the 2011 race season. Ed Beckley, who promoted the beautiful three-eighths mile facility for about three of four years, informed the city of Dodge that he would not be back for 2011 and will concentrate on his long standing Checkered Flag Productions and back to promote Sunday afternoon racing at Enid Speedway approximately once a month. 

The annual stop for the WoO sprinters are still scheduled for July 1-2, 2011 but it is unknown if USAC's involvement with the track will change this. There is also a pending USMTS event scheduled as well.

Personally, I think the move to grant USAC to promote the facility for Dodge City is not a good move considering NCRA put in bids for a two day late model show and sprint show along with a modified north event while Great American Dirt Track promoter looked to schedule his own USMTS show. The city wanted out of towners to fill motels and eateries and I don't see this move getting them in that direction.

While not a track advertiser here on tidbits (yet but am trying) "The Hummer," Humboldt Speedway in Kansas has cleared out their backstretch and will move their pit area from the entrance too the track to the back straightaway and will also widen the little quarter mile oval. If you haven't been to Humboldt make sure you make it to any one of the USMTS shows, a OCRS event or, am told, a late model show for 2011. You will not be disappointed.

Click Here for Website I want to take this time to go back to one of my advertisers that also goes out of his way to help with all the special race banners that you see here on tidbits. Michael Jackson not only does great graphic work but he also does website design, here cards but more noteably taping races from across the state. Thriller Productions are outstanding quality on his videos and very well priced. If you're looking for a video from a certain track, or even still pictures of your favorite car or driver, give Michael and his Thriller Photography and Video a call. You won't be disappointed.

 Check This OutRandy Timms and his Curtis Allen/Jeff Jackson built Western Flyer sport mod chassis finished 2010 on top as he won the big southern sport mod event at Houston Raceway Park a couple of weeks ago in conjunction with the USMTS southern series finale. Randy is competing in South Texas this weekend for the big $4500 to win southern modified event. I will have complete story and results posted on the press release page as I receive them. Curtis informs they are working on some special off season promotions so keep it here for information.

Click here for website!!!$6000, a new suit and shoes, a Bell Helmet and a NASCAR diamond ring. That is what Outlaw Motor Speedway modified points champion Joe Duvall received for becoming the first ever NASCAR champion in the state of Oklahoma. To quote Joe when he replied too me via email, "Now its not the big show, but, I can use this as a marketing tool. We are in negotiations on a big, big deal. Secondly, the NASCAR license in my wallet is the same license "Jimmy" has. It comes with a $1,000,000 insurance policy for $290 bucks. Now it only covers me if I'm competing at a NASCAR sanctioned track. Third, I can buy a mechanics license for my crew for $90 bucks with the same coverage. I heard some wind that it would cover if we were working on the hot rods in the shop. Fourth, our sport needs a shot in the arm we are on life support. The whole NASCAR "buzz" has everybody talking about it. We need some "buzz". This first year was critical and everyone was very skeptical of the whole thing." Joe is now a believer and will be even more so when he goes to Charlotte, NC next weekend to pick up his check. He even says he will scan them for proof that this NASCAR sanction deal is legit.

The newly reopened for 2011 Salina High Banks Speedway is said to also be NASCAR sanctioned in 2011 with both tracks also looking at USRA sanctiong for the modifieds. With Salina on NASCAR sanctioned next year the modified championship could be worth $4000. To quote Joe again, "Danny (Womack) is going to try and co-sanction the modifieds with USRA. If I repeat next year at Outlaw the track pays $3,000, USRA $1,500, in the event I could win the state championship NASCAR pays $4,000, the USRA championship $10,000 for a grand total of $18,500. That wouldn't be too shabby. The thing about it is its do-able. The USRA has a good rules package. There are several different motor/spoiler/weight packages along with the CRATE motor option."

Speaking of USRA, Mid-America Speedway (South Coffeyville), Thunderbird Speedway (Muskogee), Siloam Springs Speedway (West Siloam, Arkansas), Salina High Banks and Lake Country Speedway (Ardmore) are all either commited to USRA sanctioned in 2011 or are heavily leaning that way. Oklahoma Sports Park (Ada) and Brill Motor Speedway (Meeker) are looking at the deal and I am told that Wild West Speedway (Clinton) and Elk Citys I-40 Speedway is looking at it as well.

Beckley looks to be commited to IMCA sanctioned at Enid for 2011. This could give those western Kansas area IMCA drivers a place to go for points on Sunday evenings when Enid has some of their special races.

There are several track owners in the state who are going to get together to work on rules for 2011 so hopefully something will get organized in this state.

In case you missed his post on the message board, Mike Whitworth informs his son, Cody, will make the move to the ASCS 360 motors for 2011 and will compete with the Sooner region and the NCRA sprint car series. 

For all you drivers who have your 2011 plans all finalised, please email them too me so I can post it on my "drivers news" page located at . If and when your car is lettered and ready, email that too me as well and I will post it there.   

Also don't forget that the classified ad page of tidbits is free for those of you wanting to sell or looking to buy. If you are having trouble posting, email me the complete information and I will post it for you. People from not only throughout the state of Oklahoma but surrounding states as well frequent tidbits so a good chance your ad will be seen by many. And yes, as always, it is free!

Click Here for Info!

Don't forget there are four big trade shows and auctions coming up, one in each state of Texas (Wichita Falls), Oklahoma (OKC), Kansas (Wichita) and Arkansas (Little Rock). For more information or to reserve your vendor booth or whatever the case may be, check out the website by clicking the banner.

Also don't forget each event will have promoter row for all track promoters to set up a booth to help promote their 2011 track. For more information on this, email me direct or call event promoter Greg Deatherage at the contact information on the website.

Click Here for Details!

For you sprint car drivers, Gary Wright will be back with another sprint car chassis seminar on Friday of the 25th annual Chili Bowl Midget Nationals. For more information click on the banner. But make sure you make reservations quick as spots will fill up quickly.

If you don't frequent the message board, make sure you check out the schedule/results page as special event dates for alot of tracks have been posted. More dates will be posted as I recieve them. When you know of confirmed dates for any track in and around the state of Oklahoma, please email them too me.

Don't believe I mentioned this in previous tidbits update but the NCRA modified south division will not be at Cowtown Speedway in 2011 but there are a couple new tracks that will be on the schedule. More as I receive the information. 

Remember, with O'Reilly Auto Parts not coming back too NCRA for the first time in 13 years, the series is looking for any and all sponsors for 2011. If you are interested, please email me at [email protected]

And to explain my latest post on my facebook page. Tidbits more than likely isn't going anywhere at all, even if the stars are aligned and I get hired on with the USPS. Tidbits has been my baby for 12 full years and I talk to people almost daily who love the site. And while some promoters are stubborn, there are those who do actually appreciate what I try to do for them and the racing community. I would have to do some hustling if I get the job but I will still do my best to cover as many races in person as possible. I am also looking at covering tracks in a different aspect, if webmaster Jeff Roberg can get me a couple more pages for people who are interested in sending in columns for the tracks they visit.

However, NCRA is a different story. I love NCRA, blew the phones up in the late 1980s and 1990's calling Warren Hardy at the series office asking about schedules and drivers and such. Having had the opporunity to cover races for them since 1995,. I stepped up to help them about four or five years ago. I tried two years ago to get a Oklahoma modified and southern sport mod series going here in this state and NCRA was quick to help make it a reality. However, I took great pride in the racers of both of those divisions and was narrow minded enough to think everybody would want to be on board. This was/is not the case and has left me a bit disappointed. This and the traveling to races in Nebraska and Kansas to cover these races in person to get the best coverage possible has caught up with me. Going to bed at 11:15 PM every night, waking up at 3:15 AM every M-F for work and leaving right after work on Fridays to travel too races and to come home and spending half my day on Sundays doing press releases has left me burned out totally. There are also some things I don't agree with, which is totally okay because it doesnt concern me, that leaves me pondering.

C Ray has been great too me and Mylisa Powers has gone out of her way to assist and help me in alot of situations. They are all great people. But again, I am totally burned out and I don't think it is fair to the series, their fans and drivers of something being done "half assed" and that is how I feel I am doing things. This could change in three weeks or it could change in time for the banquet on January 29th (my birthday by the way) but right now nothing full throttle like I have. The reason for December 31st as my deadline as I am due to do things until then. After that.......

Enough of the soap box as I don't need another derogatory comment by others.

That is all for this tidbits update. I hope to do better next time. Again, if you have any tidbits you would like to share, please email them too me at [email protected] and I can either give you credit and keep it annonymous.

Take care and as always watch out for the other guy!
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