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Tyler Propps of Edmond

Casey McClaskey of Ponca City, Oklahoma

Brad Johnston of Haysville, Kansas

Kirk Coleman out of Wichita

Jimmie Hobbs of Wichita

Ross Shipman out of Belle Plains, KS

Jason Yager inside of Jimmie Hobbs

Danny Moss at speed

Tyler Propps of Edmond

Brian Powers of Wichita

Troy Gemmill of Ponca City

Rodney Dodds of Haysville, KS

Mike Jarvis of Wichita

Ryan Whitworth of Humboldt

Kirk Coleman of Wichita

Nick Baalman of Wichita

Mike Miller of Wichita

Jim Berends of Hutchingson

Marlin Farr of Nickerson, KS

Casey McClaskey of Ponca City, OK
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